Email Marketing

Email marketing – the tried and tested strategy to fetch more for your business.

While people think that email marketing has become obsolete, we at YOOR Group believe that with a little effort in adapting email marketing as per the modern trends, you can make the most of it.
Here is how we approach towards email marketing for the best results –
  • Understand your target audience: The best way to create an email marketing campaign that works well is by understanding the customer requirements. And, we at YOOR Group spend time in doing that. After all, without knowing the customer expectations you cannot give them what they need.
  • Create personalized content: Majority of the email marketing endeavors fail simply because of the spammy nature of the emails being sent. However, at YOOR Group we make it a point to create personalized emails that make the audience feel privileged.
  • Adapting to the change: Adaptability is the key to success in the world of online marketing. We can adapt as per the changing needs of your business to give you something more than you ever expected with our email marketing strategies.

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Unrivalled Levels of Service

Yoor Group Inc. constructs an ideal email marketing stratagem for your brand and connects you with a hundred new customers every hour!
Marketing Strategy
In the absence of the right marketing strategy for the rightly targeted audience, your brand/company may lack customers’ confidence in no time. How to fix it? Yoor Group Inc. Email Marketing experts act as a game-changer. We promote your brand every minute of every day to keep your sales going.
Tracking & Reporting
You may target 1000 customers through email within a day. However, do you know how many actually opened your email? Well! In that event, Yoor Group’s additional tracking and reporting service can help you receive real-time updates on your valuable customers’ moves.
Template Design
Do you know? Customers love to open and respond to the email with elite visual representation compared to textual and straightforward emails with a bunch of unwanted details. Our email marketing covers mind-blowing customizable template design to keep your customers’ interest up all the time.
Marketing Campaigns
Irrespective of any brand’s reputation, it must not lack marketing campaigns even after achieving the targeted objective. Why so? Email Marketing Campaigns help you grasp the attention of potential new customers every day. It also keeps your competition in line with new goals and objectives.